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With Tracks Suzuki, you can now buy or finance your next car online and have it delivered to your home.

Search our stock and choose from hundreds of new and used vehicles then complete your purchase without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

Simple steps to buying online

Step 1

Begin by searching our stock. Use our car search to get started.

Step 2
Reserve Online

Once you’ve chosen the car for you, reserve it with an online deposit.

Step 3
Apply for Finance

Use our finance calculator to tailor a quote and apply for finance deal.

Step 2a
Reserve/Buy Outright

Once you’ve chosen the car for you, reserve it with an online deposit (minimum £250) or purchase the vehicle outright. We’ll be in touch explaining what to do next.

Step 2b
Apply For Finance

Alternatively, spread the vehicle cost into affordable monthly payments, instead of paying the full amount upfront. Use our finance calculator to tailor a quote to suit your budget then apply for a finance deal. In some cases, you’ll receive an instant decision.

Step 3
Part Exchange

Enter details about your part exchange and receive an estimated valuation of your vehicle based on what you’ve told us and what it’s worth today.

Step 4
Complete Handover

Choose whether you want to collect your vehicle from the dealership or have it delivered to your home (delivery charges apply).


Got a question about buying online? See below our most frequently asked questions about buying a car online.

Q) What options are there to ‘buy online’?
A) There are three ways to buy online using our website: 1) Reserve a car with an online deposit (minimum £250); 2) Pay in full and purchase the vehicle outright; 3) Apply for a finance deal on a car.

Step 2a: Reserve Car

Q) What happens after I reserve a car?
A) Our sales team will contact you to arrange a viewing/test drive in your chosen vehicle to make sure you’re happy with the condition/drive before deciding to purchase.

Q) How long is my vehicle reservation valid for?
A) Once you’ve paid your reservation fee, we’ll be in touch straight away to arrange a viewing/test drive in your chosen vehicle. If we’re unable to contact you we’ll hold the vehicle for a maximum of 24 hours before we readvertise it. Note, if you’d like to extend the reservation period whilst you make arrangements to view/drive the vehicle simply let us know and we can secure you the vehicle for longer.

Q) Is my reservation fee refundable?
A) If you change your mind or decide the car isn’t quite right for you, contact our sales team within 14 days of paying your reservation fee to claim a full refund. If you’re eligible for a refund we’ll submit a request to the bank or card issuer immediately, which will appear as credit 5-10 business day later, depending upon your bank.

Q) I’ve never reserved a car online before. Is it safe?
A) Yes. All payments made through our website are administered and verified securely via our online payment processor partner, Stripe (and its global affiliates). Stripe’s platform will accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Note, we don’t accept American Express for outright vehicle purchases or for any payments made at our dealerships.

Step 2b: Purchase Outright

Q) Can I buy a car with cash?
A) If you’d like to purchase the vehicle outright paying cash you’ll need to contact our supplying dealership directly.

Step 3: Apply For Finance

Q) What finance options do you offer?
A) Depending on the age and condition of the car, we can offer up to two finance options to help you afford your desired vehicle: Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

Q) What’s the difference between Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)?
A) In both cases, Suzuki Finance will buy the car on your behalf and own the vehicle for the duration of your finance agreement. With Hire Purchase, you’ll own the car once all the repayments including any interest have been paid, whereas with PCP you’ll only own the vehicle outright after you’ve paid the optional final payment. We recommend you watch the explainer videos in our finance calculator before you apply for a finance package.

Q) Am I eligible for finance?
A) To apply for finance you must be a UK resident and aged 18 and over. Whether you’re accepted or not will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, employment status, financial situation and affordability. If you’re unaware of your current credit score we’d recommend checking it prior to making an application using a soft credit checker. This will help you understand what creditors will discover on your credit and won’t negatively affect your credit rating.

Q) What happens after I’ve submitted my finance application?
A) Once we’ve received your application we’ll contact you to confirm your eligibility before submitting your proposal to the finance lender for an instant credit decision.

Q) What happens if I’m declined finance?
A) If you’re unsuccessful in your application this may affect your credit rating/score and we’ll contact you in either written or verbal form to notify you of the decision from the finance lender.

Step 4: Part Exchange

Q) How do you calculate the value of my car?
A) Our estimated valuation of your vehicle is based on the information you’ve provided us online and market valuations for that specific car. Although we’re able to work out the estimated value of your vehicle based on its age, mileage and market value, we rely on your honest and accurate descriptions about the condition of the car.

Q) Can I use my part exchange as a deposit for a new vehicle?
A) Yes. Depending on how much you’re offered for your part exchange, you can use some or all of its value towards a deposit. If you have any outstanding finance we’ll need to settle your agreement as part of the process, so depending on how much equity you have in your current vehicle you may choose to include this in your deposit.

Q) What if the value of my part exchange is more than the car I want to purchase?
A) If we value your vehicle at more than the car you’re looking to buy, contact our sales team and you’ll be entitled to claim cashback on your purchase.

Q) Is my online valuation guaranteed?
A) Our estimated valuation of your vehicle is based on the information you’ve provided us online, it’s not an offer to purchase your car. Our valuation may be subject to change if there’s any discrepancy between the details you’ve supplied about the condition of your part exchange and after a vehicle appraisal by the purchaser. To ensure our online valuation for your car remains valid you should provide a fair and honest description otherwise we’ll adjust the price offered for your part exchange.

Q) Do I need to visit the dealership to complete my purchase?
A) No. Once you’ve paid your reservation fee and decided to purchase the vehicle, we’ll process your order and can arrange for the car to be delivered directly to you (delivery charges apply). However, we always recommend you visit the dealership to collect the vehicle as delivery and preparation charges will apply should you change your mind and reject the car. Also, if you’re planning to part exchange a vehicle we highly recommend you visit the dealership so we can appraise and inspect your car to offer you the best price possible.

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