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Please be aware, we’re not taking service/MOT bookings, test drive requests or parts orders.

If you exceed the mileage/time limit on your vehicle service schedule this will not effect your warranty during this unprecendented time.

If you’re an existing Tracks customer working in critical services and your vehicle requires immediate attention please call 077100 90250 (Steve @ Tracks of Exeter) or 07848 698962 (Bill @ Tracks of Taunton) and we’ll do our best to help.

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Is your car ready for winter?

As the evenings get darker and the weather gets colder, the roads can be more hazardrous so reduce the chances of breakdowns and keep your car running smoothly with a vehicle health check.

To keep you moving this winter we’ll complete a 26 point checklist including:

  • Tyres – On icy or wet roads tyres are more likely to slip. We’ll inspect your tyres to ensure the tread depth and pressure is safe to drive on.
  • Battery – Low battery charge can cause a breakdown. We’ll test the batteries charge to make sure your car starts on cold mornings.
  • Coolant – In winter, engine-related breakdowns commonly relate to cooling systems. We’ll check your coolant system and replenish your anti-freeze if the levels are low.
  • Wipers – Ice, snow, fog and rain can blur your vision while driving. We’ll check your windsreen wipers for splits or damage and replace if worn or smearing. We’ll also top up your screenwash if neccessary.
  • Lights – It’s illegal and dangerous to drive with broken lights. We’ll make sure you front and rear lights are all working properly.
  • Oil – We’ll check your oil level as it may need replenishing.

Book a vehicle health check at your local Tracks Suzuki dealership to ensure your car is prepared for the winter months ahead.




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Vehicle health checks are available every 3 months and included free of charge for Tracks Service Plan only. Customers without a Tracks Service Plan please contact us for a quote.



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