Tracks Service Plan

Our Tracks Service Plan is available for any make or model and the costs for servicing will vary depending on model, age and mileage.

Our plan

Affording quality servicing for your car is often thought of as expensive and inconvenient especially when having to pay for the bill in one lump sum. Our service plan can help with both these problems, allowing you to spread the cost of your servicing with manageable fixed price, monthly payments.

Key benefits

  • Convenient  Spread the cost of servicing into monthly direct debit payments to help with budgeting.
  • Flexible  Tailor your plan to cover all your servicing from 3 to 4 years.
  • Inflation-Proof  Prices are fixed and interest-free for the duration of your plan – guaranteed.
  • Great Value  Reduce your annual servicing and MOT costs.
  • Transferrable  Transfer your plan to another car free of charge.
  • Skilled Technicians  All services will be completed by our highly trained technicians using genuine manufacturer parts and all of the latest technology.
  • Residual Values  Maintaining a full main dealer service history helps retain the value of your car.
  • Warranty  Keep your manufacturer warranty valid by having your car routinely serviced.
  • MOTs  Included for the duration of your plan.
  • Health check  Available every 4 months.
  • Winter check  Make sure your car is ready for winter.
  • Wash and vacuum  Included with every service.
  • Courtesy car  Subject to availability. Alternatively, we offer an appointment based while-you-wait service.
  • Puncture repair  Includes new valves and wheel balancing.

Payment options

Paying for our service plan is simple and straightforward – all you have to do is select a monthly payment plan:

36 month or 48 month plan

Next, choose from these easy ways to pay for your plan:

  • Spread the cost with monthly direct debit payments – just like a household bill.
  • Pay in full.
  • Add the cost to the finance of your new or used car.

By opting for our plan, you will have paid for the work required before your car visits our Service Department. It’s as simple as that.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The service plan is only valid for servicing carried out by Tracks of Exeter or Tracks of Taunton.
  2. The customer agrees to make all Direct Debit payments as they fall due for payment on the fifth day of each month.
  3. Tracks liability in respect of the service plan is limited to providing vehicle servicing in accordance with the service specification for the service interval.
  4. Any additional work carried out and/or materials supplied by Tracks not included in the relevant service will be the responsibility of the customer and will be payable on collection of the vehicle.
  5. The customer may transfer the balance to a new contract with the consent of Tracks without additional charge.
  6. In the event of a transfer of the balance to a vehicle, which has a higher service cost(s) than their present vehicle, the customer will be advised of any change in the total payment and any payments made under the Direct Debit payment scheme will be adjusted accordingly.
  7. If the customer decides to terminate the service plan within 30 days a full refund of the balance will be paid. If the termination is more than 30 days from the date of contract a cancellation fee of £25.00 will be deducted from the balance.
  8. If the vehicle is presented for service earlier than the time intervals specified in the service specification or the mileage has exceeded the annual amount agreed on setting up the service plan, Tracks reserve the right to request any shortfall between the balance in the service plan and the cost of the service required.
  9. Any Direct Debit payments due to the payment scheme have been calculated using the current rates of VAT. If the rate should change, Tracks will adjust the total payment and payments due to the Direct Debit payment scheme to reflect the new rate of VAT, and the customer agrees to pay the adjusted amounts.
  10. This contract will terminate on the earliest of the following events (a) On the end date/mileage of the service plan (b) On the vehicle having received all service(s) covered by the service plan (c) Cancellation of the service plan subject to clause 7.

Last updated: 25.11.2016

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