Suzuki Hybrid

What is Suzuki Hybrid?

Suzuki Hybrid is our all-new petrol electric hybrid advanced driving system designed to reduce Co2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency which means lower running costs for you.

How does Suzuki Hybrid work?

Suzuki Hybrid is lightweight and takes up less space than normal hybrid systems, and incorporates an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) which acts as both a generator and starter motor. The ISG assists the engine in acceleration but also generates electricity through regenative braking which helps lower Co2 emissions and improve fuel economy.

Suzuki Hybrid also uses a compact high-performance lithium-ion battery positioned under the front passenger seat which stores energy and incorporates an idle stop function operated via the ISG. Suzuki Hybrid only uses its conventional engine starter motor when first started from cold and under all other conditions uses the ISG to allow smooth and quiet engine restarts.

The energy assistance provided during acceleration enables Suzuki Hybrid to be known as a ‘mild hybrid’ system which is ideally suited to a compact car and adds just 6.2kg to the overall weight.

The ISG generates electricity more efficienctly than a conventional alternator through regenative braking which is the transfer of kinetic heat energy into electrical energy. The ISG detects this when the brake pedal is depressed and recharges both the lithium-ion battery and conventional 12 volt battery.

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